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The value of gifting socks as we age.

As we age we seem to take more and more for granted, but one thing that really grows is our value of socks as a gift. I remember when I was a kid getting socks for my birthday or as a present was utterly disappointing. As the years go by and I find myself in the same situation of being gifted with socks, my appreciation has relatively increased. Today if I were to get a pair, I’d be ecstatic. I don’t have to put up with a present I would disregard, or pretend to like it. Socks are simply a staple in ones life, so not having to buy them myself is a positive all round. When we are young we don’t understand the value of simple things like socks; something so simple but so necessary.

It’s pretty easy to rock some funky socks to work as well. It’s not too much crazy and not too little; it’s just the right amount. A burst of colour which shows your personality come through amongst the dullness of everyday clothing.