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The importance independent shopping

In this blog post, we're touching on a more serious subject of why we should shop independently. Here at Drunken Socks we understand the value of supporting small businesses as we are one ourselves. Let's explore the many reasons why it's so important.

Firstly, it's really important we support small businesses as it creates a stable economy. For each pound made by a small business 63p of that will go back into the local economy. This is compared to a large business which would put back about 40p. This makes the local economy stronger as it's putting more back into it's area. It also helps create jobs and keep them stable. It's more likely that a small business will outsource from other local, small businesses and this creates a tight knit economy, ready to further it's growth in unison. It's very important that we keep independent shops going as a lot of the high street shops are monopolised. With an independent store it's a person's livelihood- they actually care about the customer as an individual.

Shopping independently, often means you can find one offs, or customised items and gifts (in this case, our colourful socks!). It's always good to be unique and stand out from the crowd because who wants to blend in? Finding a unique gift for yourself or a loved one gives it such a personal touch. In the age of the internet, we are graced with an endless variety of different shops and we should really embrace it and support each other! We are proud to be a small independent business and we run on strong morals and community.