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Socks and sandals

Winter is over, Spring has sprung; are you ready to get your toes out? We love to pair any sort of shoe with Drunken Socks but what happens when it comes to the age old question of socks and sandals? Sure they’re ugly but beauty is in the eye of the beholder and being unique with your style is becoming more and more popular. There are countless ways to wear your socks with sandals but the most important was is with CONFIDENCE. If you wear them with pride you’re going to look fab! Girls, wear socks and sandals with a pleated skirt and you’ll look super cute! Boys, strap on your socks and sandals with a pair of shorts and boom, you’re looking trendy. People are really breaking away from the sock and sandal taboo, because not only is it comfortable but it actually looks pretty good. Whoever said it was for uncool dads anyway?


So what are you waiting for? 


Image taken by Shelby White

Image taken from Pinterest/Shelby White 
cover Image by Phaidon